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Yes, you need more ambition!

leadership Oct 11, 2019

I just produced a video training on "Ambition" for one of my clients. It's fascinating what meaning this topic gets when you decide to become much more successful as a person, as a team or as a company.

In my experience, lack of ambition is one of the most important reasons why people and companies stay below their potential.

That's remarkable since all children are ambitious: they want to become astronauts or something similar. Later, we are taught to think in terms of limitations, usually for the rest of our lives.

All great progress has been started with thinking outside the norm and with the ambition to achieve fundamentally different results. This applies to social upheavals as well as to science and business.

So what can you do to significantly and sustainably increase the ambition for yourself and your team? Here are three ideas:
  1. Irrationality. Develop "unreasonable" goals that go far beyond the norm, i.e. what is considered normal. Important: these goals must evoke emotions, euphoric ones as well as a little fear. I always say, "If your goals don't instill fear, they're not big enough."
  2. Identity. The former CEO of Danone USA, Gustavo Valle, summed it up at the time: "If we want to become Danone's largest division, we have to act accordingly. And if I want to be the CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, I have to act like one too... We have great opportunities. And if we want to seize them, we have to work differently."
  3. Action. As just mentioned in the quote, you have to act differently than in the past. Decisions have to be made differently, always with the question: which alternative brings us closer to our goals faster and with greater probability? It is almost always the case that anyone who strives for much more ambitious goals must also show much more action.

Salvador Dali once said: "Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings". There is nothing more to add.

Do you want to increase the ambition level of your team? Then we should talk. Click here to request an exploration session.

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