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leadership Oct 13, 2017

Some time ago, at the Swiss Family Business Award in Berne / Switzerland, at an annual award ceremony for outstanding family businesses: three companies in the finals, one wins. 

You can always argue to what extent such awards really reward the best and to what extent politics plays a role. And yet, I found it remarkable that the winner (Jucker Farm) – asked about their success recipe – immediately named three decisive factors for the company's sustained success, which fit perfectly into what I am constantly trying to teach to my clients: 

  1. Quick decisions."We do not analyze endlessly, but decide quickly and then go ahead!" I see again and again that countless open decisions are paralyzing companies and their teams.
  2. Flexible in implementation."We quickly adjust our actions when we realize we are not on the right track!" Too many companies are simply too rigid when it comes to the "how". Sometimes, the goals rather than the methods are changed. In these cases, "the tail wags with the dog!"
  3. Clear mission."We want to revolutionize the entire industry (or at least change it substantially)!" Almost no SMB I know has a clear mission, a clear "why". This inhibits the initiative of the team and leads to wrong decisions.

If you alone take just these three ideas for your business, your team and yourself, you are already far ahead on the way to becoming a real winner.

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