With your autopilot to a dead end

leadership mindset Apr 02, 2021

Actually, coaching is quite simple: you raise beliefs and behaviors from the subconscious to the conscious mind and thus you can influence them.

After all, any substantial personal growth happens by making different decisions starting today. And this is only possible based on suitable ways of thinking and behaving.

Why do I reveal this "secret" to you so candidly? Well, you always need a coach for this. Because you can hardly turn your subconscious outward yourself, because your subconscious prevents you from doing exactly that.

Sounds complicated? It's actually quite simple: Your subconscious controls you in such a way that you have the best chances to survive and reproduce. Happiness and other success are secondary. Hence, the provocative headline: Your autopilot steers you into a kind of dead end.

How do you get 'out' of it? Here are three ideas you can try even without a coach:
  1. Awareness. Simply realizing that everyone sees the world a little differently - that there are diverse "truths" - often helps immensely. Your view of things and events is always only one of many possible ones - even if you are quite sure that you are right.
  2. Change of perspective. I see it with my clients: those who frequently change their perspectives in life, try things out and appreciate new things, can also more easily adjust their ways of thinking and behaving.
  3. Development. Focused personal development also influences your subconscious over time, gradually changing your autopilot. That's why it's so important to take in those things that go in the direction you want to develop. Daily news doesn't usually go in that direction. Good books and video programs, on the other hand, do.

Once you are ready, contact me for Personal Coaching. You can easily ➔ schedule an exploration session here. After that, you'll know if it's something for you.




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