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Why you need a vision

leadership strategy Jun 02, 2021

There are insights in leadership and success science that are not devalued by the fact that they are sometimes overused. On the contrary, these levers of success remain true and effective, no matter how often they are applied.

"Empowerment" is one of them, as is "vision." Today, we're talking about the latter. Vision is your clear picture of the ideal future you want to create.

The longer I coach top leaders and support teams on their path to top performance, the more I see the importance of a clear vision. Often, however, it is completely missing or designed in a way that defeats its purpose. 

Here are the top three reasons why you always need a strong vision:
  1. Focus of Energy. A large part of outstanding success comes from using your energy - and that of your team - in the most focused way possible. But that focus can only be established if you know exactly where you want to go. Without a clear vision, energy is directed at too many different issues and gets wasted.
  2. Clarity about unimportant things. An important side effect of a strong vision is clarity about what NOT to do in the future. The vision serves as an important decision-making basis for all sorts of initiatives and ideas. In too many companies, unfortunately, too many unimportant topics are pushed forward passionately.
  3. High productivity. It is through clarity of direction that you can drive the most important projects and initiatives. Focus coupled with clarity and passion (also an important component of a good vision) leads to high productivity: the right things are driven forward efficiently.

If you want to clarify the vision for yourself or your team or company, and thereby sustainably increase your success, simply contact me with the keyword "vision" or set up a short appointment ➡️ here to get to know each other.

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