๐Ÿ˜– Why You Donโ€™t Succeed

Most leaders know quite well what to do to grow the success of their team and their business. Many even initiate the right actions and initiatives.

The issue: more often than not, these initiatives do not lead to the expected results or the effects could be much more substantial. 

Why is this? The keyword is “inconsistencies”. Inconsistencies are relatively easy to spot for somebody external who sees a team or an entire organisation from the outside, but they are very difficult to see if you are “part of the system”. 

Example: When I arrive any company’s reception for the first time, I sense immediately how important customer care is in their culture. The friendliness and professionalism of the receptionist, design of the welcome area, and presented brochures tell me a lot about their focus areas. Then, when the CEO later tells me about the importance of customer service, I already know if they have inner conflicts that prevent them from achieving maximum results. 

The guest reception is just one part of numerous indicators that in total lead to powerful conclusions.

Here are three typical areas of inconsistencies that you as a business leader must take care of to achieve maximum results: 

  1. Customer focus. If you want to gain a competitive advantage by outstanding customer focus, your people must excel at ALL human interactions. This means friendliness, professionalism, and care, no matter what. Sure, you can survive on a mediocre level, but you can never thrive.
  2. Peak performance. No team can operate at the highest performance levels if not all team members act according to the highest standards. I have seen managers preaching integrity and then regularly being late to meetings. Or people stress the importance of care, only to take the next call on their cell phone when you are in a conversation with them.
  3. Productivity. Many businesses are quite productive at the production line, but waste amazing amounts of time in their administrative and management functions. Endless meetings, budgeting exercises, and PowerPoint presentations are only a few examples. These inconsistencies in productivity cost real money. Each day!

Do you want to reduce your inconsistencies?

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