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Why you cannot get ahead


There is a common cause for both growing success and greater fulfilment and enthusiasm in life. Can you guess what it is? Yes: the speed and clarity with which you decide and then implement those decisions. 

Asked the other way around: Do you know someone who decides and implements quickly - and at the same time is unhappy and unsuccessful? Probably not! 

Conversely, the conclusion also applies: If you want to achieve more results quickly and feel happy about it, then you need to decide faster and ensure swift implementation. 

"Yeah, but ..." you may think now, "it's not always that easy!" No, it's not! Because what's in our way is our mindset.

However, we can train our decision-making speed. Here are three ideas: 

  1. Become aware that most decisions do not get better if you wait longer. On the contrary! There is an optimal point of decision, and that is almost always earlier than when most decisions are made. Try it!
  2. Become aware of your fears. Indeed, what keeps us from making decisions is usually the fear of failure. This is more of a challenge for you the more you had to suffer as a child from punishment for failures. Keep reminding yourself that delaying decisions can lead to failure too - even more often!
  3. Learn faster from mistakes. Most of us spend too much time licking our wounds. Yes, if you decide faster, you will make mistakes. Accept these and carry on. In sum, with faster decisions you will always be ahead of others and feel better.

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