Why success ends abruptly

mindset productivity Mar 30, 2018

In principle, one would think that anyone who has once been successful should also remain successful. Although we are used to seeing people and companies again and again whose success suddenly turns into the opposite, we rarely understand the true reasons behind it. 

So what keeps us on track, even if we continue to increase our success, and what, on the other hand, throws us off track?

The question is highly relevant to everyone at all times. 

Here's the simple answer: we often forget to keep doing the things that originally made us successful. We believe that success happens "automatically" at some point. The opposite is also true. 

Success must be regained every day! 

Here are three examples in which we keep falling into the trap of success:

  1. Relationships. Regardless of whether private or business, relationships must be maintained with the same dedication with which we initially built them. Companies would have more recurring customers, and more marriages would be intact if we just took this one piece of advice to heart.
  2. Passion. At some point, in the beginning, we wanted to achieve goals passionately and fought for them. As soon as this passion subsides, we are on our way down.
  3. Focus. The first success - no matter what - usually happens when we are extremely focused on one thing. This was just as true in the final exam as it was with our first job or our first client. At some point, this focus is lost and the descent begins.

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