Why should I get better at all?

leadership Mar 18, 2021

Are you and your team at all times hungry for more success, for improvements, for Innovation? If so, you are a complete exception.

Anyway, with most of the leaders with whom I start a collaboration, I notice rather a medium to strong inertia. What often is behind this is a high level of satisfaction with the current state.

The shortcomings and problems (of course, almost always caused by "others") are accepted as normal.

You can live with this attitude, but here comes the point: satisfaction has little or nothing to do with fulfillment and joy.

So when you are confronted with the question in yourself or others, "Why should I get better anyway?" here are three powerful answers:
  1. What doesn't grow, dies. This is an old law of nature and also applies to mental growth. In this case, you don't die physically as a result, but you do die mentally. I have yet to meet anyone who is not growing and is happy at the same time. In some companies, however, I have the impression that various mental zombies are already around.
  2. Doing good. It is extremely egoistic not to exploit one's potential to do something good for the world by being mentally stagnant. We can all make a much greater positive difference if we continually develop ourselves. Those who don't are living at the expense of those who do.
  3. Fun. Yes, it's like this: Joy and fun often come from daring to try new things and explore unfamiliar paths. When teams work together to achieve challenging goals that they can only achieve with strong personal growth, many positive experiences are created. Mental stagnation is just the opposite.

I hope this gives you some food for thought for the preservationists and stagnant mindsets. If you want to push development systematically, set up ➔ a short session with me here.




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