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Why are teams successful - and why not?

culture leadership Aug 09, 2018

What applies to individuals is just as true for teams: The most important foundation for outstanding success is success habits, which are fed by the beliefs.

Sounds simple, but hardly anyone pays attention. Look around you, do you know even one outstanding team that has destructive habits and is unproductive? Or that doesn't believe in its own success?

The good news: you can (and must) train your beliefs and habits.

You have the choice: either you develop your own success habits, or you live the habits of others.

The same applies to teams. Here are three ideas on how you can improve the performance of each team:

  1. Self-image: Improve the image the team has of itself and its own performance. Many teams I see have an inconsistent picture of themselves, the performance of the members, etc.
  2. Self-ideal: How do we want to be perceived? What distinguishes us? What makes us outstanding? In particular, the last question causes many people and teams considerable difficulties.
  3. Self-esteem: Many people and teams do not trust themselves enough and do not believe sufficiently in their own success. This can also be worked on, often through coaching.

If that sounds a little abstract to you now, it is highly relevant to your team's success (whether you are a leader or part of it). Ask me if you want to learn more.

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