Who do you need to become to achieve your goals?

One of the most powerful concepts in psychology and leadership is that we always behave according to our identity. "Identity" here means the very person we believe ourselves to be.

Sounds complicated? Well, it's quite simple if we explain it with examples: If you give yourself the identity of being a trusting person, you will deal with other people differently than if you have the conviction that others are to be distrusted first, before they have earned your trust.

Or: If your identity is also defined by the fact that you want to live in security and prosperity, you will deal with money quite differently than someone who focuses on risk and variety.

Two things are important here: Your identity determines your success much more than your abilities. And second, you can reshape your identity at any time. You are responsible for it.

And one more thing: teams and companies also have a self-imposed identity that they behave according to. This is extremely important if you want to take your team to a new level of success.

Here are three key insights to help you, as a leader, develop your team's identity:
  1. Goal achievement. To achieve challenging goals, you need to work on your identity. You need to become a team that attracts the successes through the appropriate mindsets, behaviors and work habits.
  2. Aspirations. Your identity is defined by the demands you place on yourself and others. This includes what you tolerate. This is especially important for top teams: they simply cannot tolerate certain destructive behaviors in order to achieve outstanding results.
  3. Identity development. Identity change needs ongoing affirmation. It is ultimately about changing the habit of how you see yourself as a person or as a team. For example, if you want to become a team with high commitment from all members (which many business teams are far from), then continually acknowledge the successes of that high commitment, such as delivering on promises one hundred percent of the time.

Developing your team's identity is absolutely necessary, but not an easy undertaking. Get in touch with the keyword "identity" and I'll give you more information.




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