Which fields do you occupy?

There is one person who is in the driving seat for public perception and thus an entire industry: Elon Musk. His latest announcement is about revolutionizing the entire automotive production process by making the body only consist of four parts instead of 80. This will massively reduce costs.

Well, with Musk's announcements, the question is always which of these will be implemented at all and by when. But that's not what it's all about.

People like Elon Musk do not usually make concrete promises with their statements, but rather create and occupy domains of opinion in public perception - and the opinion of experts.

As a result, as soon as such ideas become reality, they are directly linked to the person who occupied the area. This usually results in a dramatic increase in reputation - with direct consequences for market leadership.

Another expert in this field was Steve Jobs: Whom do you associate with pioneering smartphones, mobile music enjoyment, emotionally loaded computers and more? Sure, Steve Jobs. Why? Because he occupied these fields.

This occupation of fields requires, above all, courage, the ability to find supporters, and a strong focus on tangible action. Not everyone can or is willing to do that.

Outstanding leaders use the strategy of field occupation in all possible areas of leadership. If you master this, it will massively increase your influence. 

Here are three fields that you should definitely occupy:
  • Vision. If you follow me regularly, you may have heard it already too often…and yet: If you don't make it clear where you want to go (even if it involves risks), then you simply don't occupy fields. The consequence: Activities are scattered all over the place and are more reactive than proactive.
  • Uniqueness. By this I mean what makes your team, your company, or your products so unique that everyone immediately associates it with you. I am always amazed at the difficulties people have in answering the question of what makes them, their team, or their products outstanding.
  • Identity. You should also occupy fields here: What exactly do you stand for? What are your standards? What will you never be willing to tolerate? Most people in companies cannot answer these questions in a consistent way.

This is important because it will take you from mediocrity to the league of the truly outstanding - with lasting consequences for growth and profit.

If you would like to explore this topic in detail for your company or your team, get in touch with me. Click here or simply send me an email.


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