What you can learn from the US election

Now that the reality show from the USA has come to a temporary end (with a satisfactory outcome in my view), it is interesting to see what we can learn from it for our leadership.

And by that I don't mean the actual content of the discussion (which had been pushed into the background anyway), but the circumstances that made the course of events so exciting for many. After all, we can all learn a lot from this for our communication, especially as leaders.

Because no matter whether you found the whole theater necessary or annoying, there is hardly anyone who didn't care. And therefore, the question ‘what is so fascinating about it?’ arises.

Here comes the point: To achieve any changes in your company or team, you depend on the commitment of your people.

So, what can we learn from the American election campaign?
  1. Clarity of purpose. In the American presidential campaign, the goal is very clear: to get the majority of the electorate as the sum of the individual states. It is not important at this point whether the method is the best, but whether the goal is simple and clear. How clear and simple are your goals if you want to achieve change with your team? Most of the people I know tend to sail in the fog.
  2. Emotional connection. Reaching the clear goal in the US election campaign is extremely emotionally charged. Whether we think it is exaggerated or not, it binds people's attention. And that is exactly what is important for achieving goals: we need the emotional energy of the people involved. Too often, I see far too little passion and therefore energy even when implementing strategies.
  3. The will to win. You may consider the doggedness of some people involved in the American election campaign dangerous (as do I), but I see the opposite in most companies: indifference about the future. ‘It will work out somehow’ is not a beneficial thought if you want to achieve great things.

As you can see, you can learn from even controversial events and apply them to your style of leadership.

If you are now wondering how to apply this to yourself and your team, just get in touch with me for a short conversation or plan a 20min-session directly here.


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