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🚀 What will become more important this year

leadership Jan 19, 2022

We live in interesting times, I think. The speed of change is increasing and the uncertainties are growing. And that is likely to intensify.

So far, so familiar. As in any time - whether stable or rather not - there are winners and losers. There are people and companies that tend to benefit from the uncertainties, and those that tend to suffer.

The good news is that which group you belong to is largely a choice. Those who are better than the average consciously or unconsciously choose to see things differently and focus on the opportunity that promises the greatest chance of winning.

To do that, it's good to know (or assume) which success factors are becoming more important than others in each case. 

Here are three topics that, in my view, will become much more important this year - and for which I therefore recommend that you consider how you can become better at them with your team:

  1. Attractiveness on the labor market. For the challenges that will increase in the future, you need the best people in terms of mindset and attitude. I still see many small and medium-sized companies that are already happy if they only get three qualified applicants for every vacant position. The antidote: massively increase your attractiveness on the labor market. There is a whole bundle of possible measures for this. Contact me and I will be happy to discuss the possibilities that would suit you.
  2. Resourcefulness. In the future, it will be less and less the available resources that will be decisive for your success, but rather your resourcefulness. In principle, this has always been the case, but in my view it will intensify. As a leader, one of your responsibilities is to foster resourcefulness in your people. In addition to selecting the best team members (see point 1), this includes encouraging them to make mistakes and having the courage to go forward.
  3. Speed. When parameters are changing faster, it's even more important that you can move quickly. If you wait too long, by the time you are ready to start, the conditions will have changed again. High speed has nothing to do with rushing, but with eliminating delays as much as possible. This starts primarily in the minds of your people, but is also heavily influenced by your processes and the level of empowerment in your team.

I recommend that you make these three topics a focus in your leadership team discussions.

If you want to work on this specifically, contact me for my winning team program. You can find more info ➔ here.

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