🥹 What To Do When Things Go Wrong

You know me: most of the time I am writing and coaching about the positive aspects of life and business. I do this on purpose: all change comes from positive energy, all creativity stems from positive thoughts and all meaningful relationships–no matter if professional or personal–stem from positive assumptions about the other person. 

That doesn’t mean successful people never have negative thoughts. Sure, they have! However, what they are better at than the rest is turning these negative thoughts into positive energy to generate change.

While average people get stuck in misery and helplessness, the overachievers are already on their way out. 

So let’s get serious: I know that you sometimes struggle with your business, your team, or your career. I know that sometimes life and business really can be hard. I went through this, too. What I learned is how amazingly fast you can turn any backlash, any defeat, any smash in the face around and generate positive change. 

Maybe you lost your best team member. Or the almost secure contract was not signed by your customers and now your business is at the edge of bankruptcy. Or your team messed up your most important project.

Whatever your challenge is, here are three steps how to turn those thoughts back to positive energy and create massive change: 

  1. Find ground. First, you need to stop the negative thought patterns in your mind. Yes, the situation is bad. Nobody is denying it. However, there are always–yes, always!–positive signs. Things you can build on. People, customers, assets, ideas, knowledge that you still have. See them and find ground. Tip: Listen to people who went through struggle themselves and succeeded afterwards.
  2. Create your change vision. As hard as it is, sit down (or go for a walk) and create a strong vision for the time after the defeat. Ask yourself: what will be in 3 years after all this struggle has passed? What is still possible? Ideally, do this exercise together with other people. Again, look for role models if you like.
  3. Take massive action. Start to change something immediately. Don’t wait any longer. The best way to fight struggle is to move boldly forward. Struggle is attracted by stagnancy. Success is attracted by momentum.

There is another important step: get external help. My Mentor Program is made to help you succeed, even when the going gets rough. 👉 Book your free exploratory session now.


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