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winning team culture Jul 30, 2021

One of the most common desires of leaders is that each of their team members pulls together with the others in the same direction and delivers top performance with enthusiasm.

Well, unfortunately, the reality is usually quite different. Almost every team has a strong variance in all matters that would be important for a top team. Some people are not very motivated, others do not bring enough results, and still others take too little responsibility. And so on.

In my leadership coaching, I often direct attention to the composition of the team and what should be done about it if you want to create a top team. In any case, waiting and hoping for the better is not a good strategy (but one I encounter frequently). 

From my experience, there are three key characteristics that distinguish top team members from mediocre ones:
  1. Growth Mindset. Everything else stands and falls with one's own attitude toward personal growth. People with a growth mindset know that, in principle, they can achieve almost anything if they just put their mind and heart into it. The opposite is to believe that you can't change much anyway. This is the mindset of most. Why is this important? Quite simply, the more people with a growth mindset you have on your team, the more they enjoy challenges and moving forward together.
  2. Self-esteem. I deliberately put this second because I see too many people on teams who have low self-esteem. The result is a defensive attitude toward new ideas because they are a threat to the ego. People with low self-esteem usually find many reasons why something can't be done rather than taking risks.
  3. Results-focus. This is a classic trait, but it's often not strongly developed. Mediocre team members mainly stick to processes and optimize them. Top team members, on the other hand, focus on results and adjust processes accordingly. Focus on results always requires strong goal setting, which most don't actually practice.

Extra tip: if you want to create a top team, pay special attention to these three characteristics the next time you hire someone.

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