What do you live (and work) for?

leadership mindset Sep 29, 2017

I see time and again how we lose sense in the daily business routines, why we do all this. We come every morning, produce, attract customers, improve, generate ideas, execute instructions, answer emails, sit in meetings, talk with customers, and so on. But why? 

From psychology, we know that happiness comes mainly from the positive perception of the "now," from giving to others, and from personal growth.

(This also explains why so many people are unhappy or unfulfilled.) 

This is no different in a company or a team: sustainably successful companies or teams perceive themselves as positive, as making the life of other businesses or people better, and as constantly evolving. 

My tip: Look in the coming week for these three influences for fulfilment and success in your company or team: 
  1. Positive perception: How positively does your team perceive themselves and their own company on a scale 1-10? Do your people feel the company is a place of personal fulfilment or a profane way to make money?
  2. Giving: Do your people always look for ways to maximize value for customers and other recipients, or are they more focused on the least effort? I usually see the latter in companies.
  3. Development: Do you offer your team the best opportunities for personal development or do you try to squeeze the maximum out of existing resources?

We can talk about your potential for these three success factors. Click here to schedule a call. 


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