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leadership mindset Jan 24, 2019

When you’re studying the subject of success (which I have been doing for years), you will know that there are big differences in the topics that successful and average people discuss.

In other words, your choice of conversation topics determines how successful you are in life.

Usually, the most successful people speak about the decisions of today and the future. Conversely, the average person focuses on the present situation and the past, ("when it used to be better").

Successful people talk about visions and goals, mediocre people talk about other people and events.

Successful people see opportunities and control risks. The less successful people see the risks and avoid opportunities.

Of course, this view is not black and white, but I hope you can see the pattern.

Here are three things you should pay attention to yourself and your colleagues during your next conversation or meeting:
  1. Future. What opportunities and possibilities do you see, which you can seize from today's situation? How can you learn from mistakes? Where can you grow?
  2. Direction. What do you want to achieve with the discussion? Where is the journey going? I have the impression, from many discussions that people try desperately to change the past. However, this is a waste of energy.
  3. Decision. What decision do you make with the help of the discussion? Successful people decide more consistently than the average people do. Discussions without consequence are usually pointless, except for entertainment.
You can continue as before - or you can change something, and that too is a decision.

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