Time for spring cleaning in your leadership

leadership Mar 25, 2021

"Perfection does not come from not being able to add anything, but from not being able to leave anything out" is a rather well-known saying.

In this case, if we translate "perfection" to mean outstanding results, then it creates a powerful question for your leadership: "What should you cut out that is getting in the way of your outstanding results rather than helping them?"

The principle behind this is that you can only use every minute of your life exactly once. So, is that minute contributing to your top results or rather to other things?

Therefore, it's time once again for your spring cleaning in your daily work. Here are three steps I recommend for your effective "decluttering":
  1. Goals. Once again, get clear on what your truly most important goals are. What do you really want to accomplish this year and over the next few years? What does this translate into for your monthly and weekly goals? Note: Never have more than three top goals!
  2. Decision. Make a list of all the responsibilities and activities you really need to achieve your goals. And vice versa: what are you doing all day long that you can leave out?
  3. Garage Sale. Start your "garage sale." Which activities and responsibilities do you give to others? Which ones do you simply throw away because they have become unimportant (beware: these are often our "cherished toys")? What do you cut back on a lot?
After every decluttering, you feel better and full of energy. You will feel the same way after this spring cleaning.

By the way, it's much faster and more effective to do it by working together. Contact me for this purpose or simply schedule an ➔ Exploration Session with me directly.




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