This is how everyone learns to sell


Do you want to boost your sales without such dubious measures like price discounts? Then invest in your company's sales skills. 

Most of the organizations I see operate in sales at perhaps 50 percent of their potential, with many even being far below. 

The reason is often that management doesn't see (or want to believe) the connection between sales skills and success. Most B2B sales people know more about the technology of their products than how to communicate their value to their customers. Change that! 

Here are three ideas on how you can immediately increase your team's sales success: 

  1. Train copywriting, i. e. the ability to write and communicate convincing texts. There's a difference between saying,"Our product is based on 10 years of research" and "Our customers use our product to cut costs by an average of 20 percent". Just as example.
  2. Learn the importance of numbers. Every salesperson must know "his or her own figures" at all times, e. g. a number of leads, conversion rates, top deals for the quarter and so on. "Know your numbers” is essential for sales success. Otherwise, you'll be flying in the dark.
  3. Train a Winner’s mindset. Paradoxically, many B2B salespeople are reluctant to sell. They often lack the courage to close the sale. Half of the sales success is down to mindset, while the rest is down to skills and systems.

And now what? Create a training and education plan for your team. The investment for this will pay off several times over very quickly. Contact me (+41 44 5862707) if you want to talk about it.

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