This is how everyone can overcome their uncertainties (yes: you, too!)

leadership productivity Dec 01, 2017

In the last memo, I wrote about how your own uncertainties stand in the way of more success. It is especially blatant if you are a leader. Here, your uncertainty is transferred to others. 

The difficulty is that many managers are unaware of their insecurities and prefer to hide them. All (yes: all!) people have insecurities, even the most successful role models. 

The difference: the most successful ones handle it differently than the rest. 

Here are three tips on how the best leaders manage their insecurities and even capitalize on them: 

  1. Accept uncertainty! The world is uncertain and very unpredictable. However, many pretend you can create an oasis of certainty around you. Forget it! If you accept deep inside there will always be insecurity (as there is always gravity), you can relax and find ways to deal with it. This step sounds simple, but it is not, as it shakes up deeply rooted beliefs (for example, if you had a well-guarded childhood).
  2. Move ahead! Recently, I wrote that you can only see the future if you march ahead. The same applies to any strategy implementation and to your next project. Most try for too long to reduce uncertainty from today's position. This doesn't work! Instead, you must take the first steps (even if they are uncertain).
  3. Get a sparring partner or coach! That is incredibly valuable. Such a person can be extremely helpful in dealing with uncertainty and making better decisions by mirroring your behavior and ideas. No, you do not know everything better: get support!

OK, let’s get the most out of your uncertainty!

To point 3 above, you'll find concrete options by clicking here.


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