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The summer slump myth


"I can't reach anybody in summer anyway!" 

"People are all on vacation anyway!" 

"In July and August, we can take things a little easier. In September we'll be taking off again!"

Do you sometimes hear such statements from your people (and from yourself)? Well, here comes another uncomfortable truth (you're used to that from me): the most prolific people never say such things. They step on the gas just when the others are relaxing.

"But you can't ignore the facts," I hear you say, "there really aren't many people in the office!"

Attention: You hear me, again and again, warning you about the myths that we constantly tell ourselves. Only this doesn't make them true!

Here are three ideas on how to deal with the so-called "summer slump":

  1. Mindset. Many "facts" only emerge in our minds if we say them long enough. If we keep telling ourselves that we can't reach a customer in the summer, for example, that's how it's going to be. Believe it or not, you produce the results you believe in the most.
  2. Reality. Even if 30 percent of your customers are on holiday at the same time, that means you can still reach 70 percent. This is often better than usual, since these are also hanging in the alleged summer slump. Many people have even more time for you now!
  3. Momentum. Start targeted summer initiatives with your team that fill exactly the gap left to you by your competitors. Make sure you and your team don't lose the momentum you need to achieve your goals for Q3.

Another idea: Summer is the perfect time to do something for yourself and your team for further development. That's why my flagship program "100-Days-Success Sprint" will cost you only €99 per person if you order it for at least 5 people at the same timet, thus saving you €740. All you need to do is write to [email protected]

Attention: Only until July 23rd! More about the program here.

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