👁 The Sparkling-Eye Indicator For Team Success

Some time ago, I was at a business award ceremony, at which the best family businesses were rewarded based on several strict criteria. What I found more interesting than the award ceremony itself (lots of semi-interesting speeches), was the conversations before and after the official program. 

Here is why: A pattern emerges at successful businesses compared to the average, and this pattern is not around great products and processes (both are a must-have to compete at all). They are also not around the best talent or the greatest locations.

No, the most significant difference is (drumroll …) the sparkling in the eyes of the owners, the CEO and every other member of the organization. 

This sparkling in the eyes is not something of a “soft factor” or some “nice-to-have” trait when everything else is great. No, exactly the opposite: This sparkling is the root cause of all greatness in any business. It reflects pride, care, passion, commitment, resilience and a winning attitude, just to name a few characteristics. 

If we accept this fact (and we should), then the next question is: HOW do we make the eyes of all our team members in our entire business sparkle?

Here are three proven ideas that you can start implementing tomorrow: 

  1. As a leader, find your own passion in your business. This sounds so ridiculously obvious, but I cannot tell you how often I see business leaders with almost dead eyes, not being passionate for anything. I don’t believe that these people are obliviously uncommitted, they often have just a hard time to admit the passion to themselves. If this is you, then my advice is simple: Get a coach!
  2. Make the sparkling in the eyes of your people a top priority. I personally find it an extreme sign of leadership strength if the CEO stands in front of his people and says: “Each day, I want to see your eyes and the eyes of our customers sparkling, and I will do everything to make this happen!"
  3. If you haven’t done it yet (and most haven’t), then finally define a strong purpose and a compelling vision for the next three years. No details here, as I have written many times about this amazingly important topic.

Go ahead and start implementing these ideas. If you want my support on this path, just schedule an exploratory session by clicking here. My mission is to see more business team members’ eyes sparkling each day.




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