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The real meaning of productivity

productivity Jun 13, 2019

Productivity does not mean being busy! You probably know enough people who are busy all the time, but their results are hardly recognizable.

In any case, what I see time again and time again is mainly managers who have too much to do, but who, according to their own statements, rarely tackle the really important issues.

Alarm signals:

  • They rush from meeting to meeting.
  • They always have a full email inbox.
  • They feel constantly interrupted and hardly ever get to the really important things.

The good news: Productivity is your choice.

Here are the three most important tips, which can serve as a reminder to massively increase your productivity:
  1. Willpower. Ask yourself which mindset prevents you from becoming more productive. Often it is the ongoing reward of feeling important when you are constantly "needed". Often it is fear of massive results (yes: fear of results is real). You can become 10x more productive. But for that, you really need to want it. Most people don't even try
  2. Energy. High productivity demands focused energy on what produces the strongest results. Many people get bogged down in low-importance activities so that hardly any energy is left for what is truly important. Your energy is a valuable resource. Handle it carefully.
  3. Focus. It's better to move one thing massively forward than a hundred things just a little bit. Focus is hard training in a world where distractions are more present than ever. Decide: What is your most important priority this week? Then focus your full energy on it.

The higher your productivity, the more freedom you will have. These three ideas help.

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