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The power of videos


Today is a somewhat unusual post: You get access to over 40 short videos to increase your success, for free!

That's what it's all about: My new YouTube channel is live, with over 40 videos right from the start. Click here to subscribe to the channel.

Why are videos important?

Well, I keep recommending to my clients the increased use of personal videos (with them in front of the camera) for internal and external communication, mainly for three reasons:

  1. Clarity. If you want to communicate a message to others via video, you must first be clear about what should stick with the viewer. "What are my three learning points?" could be your question before the recording, for example. My recommendation: record videos with your smartphone, even if you don't use them afterward. It forces you to organize your thoughts.
  2. Conveying emotions. The only thing that motivates people to act is emotions. There is no better medium than video (besides the live performance of course). When you record yourself on video, others notice your emotions whether you like it or not, often even more intensely than in personal interaction (when it's easier to get distracted). Take advantage of this: convey emotions that make your team think and act.
  3. More attention. We humans are visual, emotional beings. That's why we are usually more attracted to visual and emotional messages than written texts. The success of television and YouTube are further proof of this fact. Take advantage of this: with authentic and emotionally appealing videos, your messages will reach more people (internal and external) than if you just distribute texts, and often even more than if you speak live in front of the team.

Now, use my videos on YouTube and subscribe to the channel. I am always happy to receive your feedback and suggestions (also via video…).

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