The biggest mistakes in sales

sales May 28, 2020

After a long time, I’d like to come back to a sales topic. Or better: How you can unleash huge potential for more sales and profit. 

Examples: Recently, in a men’s clothing store, in the department for suits. After a short time, one of the many under-employed salespeople is approaching me (at last!) and selects some suits for me, showing me where I can try them on, and then: nothing! No asking, no advice. Nothing. And this is not an isolated case. Did I buy? No! Of course not. 

Next: My MacBook Air needs a new battery. The Apple Store is in a different city, so I’m looking for Apple authorized stores close to my home. What do I find? Confusing websites without clear statements about price and no possibility for scheduling an online appointment. As such, I’d rather book the appointment directly at Apple online in 30 seconds. And yes, even the price is clear. 

These are just examples and yet wherever you look, potentials for more sales, more customers and more profit are left out (also in B2B!). Here are your 3 greatest potentials: 
  1. Systematic tracking. Most salespeople ask once or twice, if at all. Most customers buy only after the eighth contact. Tip: Create a tracking and follow-up system.
  2. Simplicity. As a customer, all possible obstacles are thrown in my way until I can finally buy. Tip: Make the purchase as easy as possible for your customers.
  3. Loyalty. From most salespeople, you only hear sporadically after a purchase. There is often no system for customer loyalty. Tip: Create such a system: Why should the customer buy from you again?
And now to work! Double your sales and profit, and create enthusiastic customers!

Have any questions about the implementation of the tips? Just contact me. Click here.


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