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The biggest lever for generating thrilled customers


In some subjects, I find it remarkable that it always takes studies to prove an obvious fact (even if such studies sometimes reveal new nuances).

One such topic is the connection between the enthusiasm of the crew and enthusiastic customers.

(Attention: I deliberately do not use "satisfied" because that is not enough. If you don't even have satisfied people and satisfied customers, you won't survive with your business anyway).

A few days ago, the Harvard Business Review published the article "The Key to Happy Customers? Happy Employees", which confirms this thesis with a larger study.

Here are three conclusions from my viewpoint and my experience, which is relevant for most companies and teams:
  1. Enthusiastic customers. If you want more customers who buy from you again and again and who recommend your company to others, then you must actively inspire them. Important: Enthusiasm is an emotion, not a rational consideration ("Let's be thrilled now..."). So, you have to create emotional bonds between the people at the customer and the people at you.
  2. Inspiring experience. If the entire customer experience from the first contact to the payment of the invoice and the creation of success stories is inspiring, he or she will always want to buy from you again.
  3. Enthusiastic team. That is the basis of everything: Make sure at last and constantly that your people can get enthusiastic about something at work. This also includes positive emotions. Create a winning team!

It is clear that you also need excellent products and services. However, the real difference in the market and in your business results almost always comes from enthusiasm - whether you are enthusiastic about it or not.

If you are interested in exploring your potentials for generating an enthusiastic and customer focused team, apply here for a 20 minute exploration session.

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