The biggest leadership flaws

leadership Jul 15, 2021

Everyone knows this from sports: if you want to improve substantially, you also need to weed out certain mistakes and unfavorable habits. Often, this process is very unpleasant because we have become accustomed to the flaws, so we feel comfortable with them.

The same is true in leadership: if you want to continue to improve your leadership quality, you also need to weed out those ways of thinking, behaving and working that are holding you back.

Over the course of my career - also as a leadership and team coach - I've worked with hundreds of leaders and naturally discovered certain universal patterns that distinguish outstanding from mediocre leadership.

Here are my top 3 leadership mistakes that have a direct negative impact on your own effectiveness and your team's performance:
  1. Lack of clarity and lack of focus. Ambiguity impedes progress. If you yourself are not clear about what you stand for and where you want to go, then you create uncertainty for yourself and in your team (I recently published an article about this in the trade press (in German) ➔ request it here). The problem is often that lack of clarity is a bad habit that you have to gradually eliminate.
  2. Too much tolerance. This is an uncomfortable topic for many that they try to avoid. But too many leaders too often allow behaviors in themselves and their people that get in the way of success. Not tolerating low standards and negative behaviors is an extremely important component of outstanding leadership.
  3. No sparring partner. Too many leaders don't have a person to challenge them, give them unvarnished feedback, push them on new ideas, and inspire them. Often, I find the attitude is "I can do this alone." In other words, ego gets in the way. Virtually without exception, the most successful people have one or more coaches and sparring partners, and are members of masterminds with people at their peer level.
These leadership mistakes may be uncomfortable for some.

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