The bag of tricks for a winning mindset

leadership mindset Nov 25, 2021

"How can I change the mindset of my people?" is a question I am often asked. 

The background is that a team can of course only perform really well and have fun doing so if the people in it have a winning mindset.

Unfortunately, the reality is often different: People play on hold, refuse full responsibility, blame other people or other things for difficulties, don't work well together, and so on.

That's why the question of how to change the mindset keeps coming up.

Over the years as a leadership coach and from my own studies, I've been able to peel out an arsenal of methods that work well.

Here are three powerful levers to align the mindset to winning:
  1. Ongoing inspirational input. It's simply true: what you let into you determines, quite significantly, what comes out of you. In other words, no human being can prevent their mindset from being influenced by inputs. It's a bit like physical food: the healthier you eat, the fitter you become. So: take in inspiring and educational input every day and eliminate the rest.
  2. Clear Necessity. One of the most common reasons for a mindset focused on hedging and little responsibility is the lack of a strong necessity. When we are doing well and don't see any threats or potential, we remain idle. A winning mindset always needs a clear necessity to win. The good news is that you can create that necessity. Get in touch with me if you want to know how to do it.
  3. High physical energy. No person can have high mental energy without high physical energy. Therefore, it is important to keep your physical energy as high as possible throughout the day. Some teams and individuals are just too tired to focus on winning.

With these three tips, you'll have the foundation to take a big step toward a winning mindset.

✅ Contact me with the keyword "mindset" if you have questions or want to move faster with help from a coach.


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