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The 7 most obstructive beliefs for your success

leadership mindset Apr 26, 2018

In my workshops - especially when it comes to winning team culture - I always teach and train the importance of one's own beliefs for success and a fulfilled life. Both go hand in hand.

Again and again, I encounter the same beliefs that prevent people from succeeding and generally stand in their way of achieving something meaningful. Most people are not even aware of this… how could they be if they have never dealt with the subject matter before?

So here is my hit list of the seven most obstructive beliefs for success:

  1. "I have no talent!" One of the worst statements ever. This gives us the justification that we cannot change anything.
  2. "I'm employed!" What a word! No one is "employed". We are all the presidents of our own lives.
  3. "I don't have time!" Of course, we all have the same 24 hours a day. "No time" always means "no priority."
  4. "Others are to blame!" No, you yourself are responsible for all your decisions - even how you react to the stupidity of others.
  5. "The successful have more luck!" Also negative: Only those who learn more and do more have more "luck" in the end.
  6. "Success is not important!" This is one of the great illusions: I've never met anyone who volunteers to be a loser. It's also selfish because with more success you can do much more good for others.
  7. "I have other obligations!" Sorry, but everybody does. You will always find someone in the world who has more "obligations" than you and yet achieves significantly more.

You may disagree on one or two statements. That's good because that makes you aware of the topic. Regular training is then required for lasting changes in beliefs.

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