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The 3 crucial questions before you hire someone

Few things are as critical to your long-term team success as deciding who belongs on your team and who doesn't.

Although this fact is common knowledge, most decision-making puts too little emphasis on those questions that bring us closer to a winning team in the long term.

What do I mean by that? Well, winning teams function according to different rules than mediocre teams. The standards demanded of team members are sometimes quite different from the standards demanded of people who function well in average environments.

This becomes very clear in a comparison with team sports: the players of a team in the soccer Champions League are not only able to play soccer better on average than others (this is self-evident), but above all, they have different standards for themselves and the environment in which they operate. This includes much more than just the activity itself (soccer in the example).

That's why it's so important to ask someone these three crucial questions before accepting them onto your team:
  1. Will this person help us get closer to the vision? Too often, people look only at professional and human qualities, instead of looking primarily at the extent to which this person will help us get closer to our vision. To do this, of course, you must have a strong and clear vision and be clear about how the team will contribute to achieving it. True winning teams have that. If you want to sharpen your vision, get back to me. Probably I can help you.
  2. Does the person have the highest standards for things we care about? Our standards indicate our identity. As a winning team, you only want people around you who can exemplify the defined high standards. Tolerance of low standards is one of the sure guarantees of mediocre performance at best.
  3. Does the person bring a positive spirit and joy to the team? This is much more than simply a soft factor. A positive attitude is always extremely important when it comes to achieving outstanding results. What's more, negative and positive attitudes are contagious.
So: ask yourself these three questions with every potential new hire to your team and look closely at your answers.

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