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"That's not me!"

leadership mindset Sep 06, 2018

One of the greatest hurdles that will prevent us from achieving more and resulting in us being more fulfilled by lies with the conviction is that we are "the way we are." Like someone's gonna tell us to be just like that.

I have news for you: We can turn into almost anything we want. Even then, we still remain “the ones we are.”

If you hear someone say (or you say it to yourself): "I can't do that," "that's not me" or "that's just manipulation," then this is nothing else but resistance to moving out of the comfort zone.

The problem is not only that people limit their own success, but they are also unhappier. This is like a tight cage that we build around ourselves to protect us against "dangers" from the outside. Not only that it also prevents us from growing.

Here are three ideas on how you can soften your self-built bars:

  1. Clarity. Understand that in principle you can change everything and achieve everything. The only barrier is almost always yourself. Another question is whether you want to grow. However, even this "not wanting" is often dictated to us by others.
  2. Surrender. Say goodbye to the belief that you are only what you are today. You can shape your development. If not you, then others will do it for you - and you won't even notice it.
  3. Action. Change your individual beliefs through analysing what works and what doesn't. Of course, a coach or another person who is willing to challenge you a little will help you.

Well, then, you can saw on your bars, and I look forward to you telling me about your successes.

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