Small steps to great successes

leadership productivity Mar 18, 2021

From one of the best leadership and success gurus, Brian Tracy, comes this simple thought model to 10x your success: if you just improve yourself by one-tenth of a percent (which is one thousandth), you will be 10x as good in a few years. The underlying reason is the power of the compound effect.

You can be 10x more productive, 10x happier, and 10x wealthier.

Whatever you focus on improving, you can generate this dramatic positive change by just an incremental change each day.

And here comes the point: couldn’t you improve much more each day? Let’s say one percent? The effects will be even more breathtaking.

Now you may ask, if this is so easy, why are more people and businesses not living this philosophy? The answer: because it is easy to understand, but amazingly difficult to execute. Why? Because we need to change habits. Each day. Little by little.

However, to give you hope, here are three powerful ideas you can apply to yourself and your team to 10x your success within a few years (or even months):
  1. Raise awareness. The understanding of the simple cause-effect equation I just outlined for you can already start changing behaviors. If just each of your team members asked themselves each day what they could do a little better (one thousandth, you remember) then things start to change.
  2. Set clear improvement goals. What one behavior or one process do you want to improve by one percent or more by the end of the week? It might be something simple and easy. The point is to make it a habit to set weekly goals and to achieve them.
  3. Measure progress. One of the key reasons that people stop improving is that they don’t see progress after some trials. You need to find measures of success that clearly show that you and your team are on the right path to success.

These ideas seem simple and yet: they are hardly applied. Because you need to change habits. And this is hard.

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