Setback? Here’s how to get back on track quickly!

leadership mindset Nov 02, 2017

One of the biggest differences between particularly successful people and teams compared to the average crowd is the ability to get back on their feet quickly after setbacks. 

Here's the good news: you can train the recovery. The most successful people train this ability again and again (and much more frequently than the "normal") by provoking setbacks through more ambitious goals. 

This is like skiing: If you do not go to your limits every now and then, you will hardly get better. 

If you are used to dealing with setbacks, you can go back to normal at least ten times as fast as the rest– with the corresponding positive effects on your success. 

Here are three ideas on how to accelerate your reaction to setbacks: 

  1. Accept the failure. You cannot change the past. Most people (even in business) struggle for too long with past mistakes. The most successful people quickly make a checkmark on setbacks and move on.
  2. Take full responsibility. Only when you take full responsibility for the setback are you also responsible for the improvement of the situation. Most people push responsibility on events or other people and by this make themselves powerless.
  3. Take action! One of the best therapies against defeat is massive action. Specify 3 actions you can implement immediately. And then do it! This is a sign for yourself and for others: you are ready to chase new goals again!

These are three ideas in a nutshell. If you want to deepen the topic with your team and form a winning team, please contact me. Or check out my Winning Team Program.


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