People love change!

leadership strategy Nov 04, 2020

I am currently working on a global leadership and cultural change project with a major client. One of the goals: massive increase in sales with rising profitability - and all this in highly competitive markets.

The key to this lies not only in innovation and processes, but also - above all - in people's minds. In other words, people tend to stand in their own way with their current beliefs. (Doesn't this somehow seem familiar in your own life?)

From my point of view, the remarkable insight is the following: Many people in worldwide organizations love change. As soon as they are credibly encouraged to do so, the suggestions and ideas for sometimes substantial changes (especially in their own sphere of influence) bubble out of them.

It sometimes seems to me as if we have lifted the cap of the famous genie’s bottle: Once it is outside, it does not want to go back in.

Now, of course, such a change does not happen "just like that," but you have to move important levers. Here are three decisive ones from my experience:
  1. Strong core team. Especially at the beginning, you need a few people who are convinced of the necessity of the changes and who are fully committed to them. Important: This is rarely the leadership team, but rather "hungry" people from different areas. In addition, an external person should definitely orchestrate the whole thing so that the energy doesn't stop at some point.
  2. Strong vision. The project I described at the beginning of this article has once again shown how extremely important it is to have a challenging and crisp vision that everyone in the company can relate to. This is a decisive orientation for everyone.
  3. Strong momentum. We all know that the initial resistance can be high when it comes to massive changes - especially in our own mindset and behavior. That's why it's crucial to keep the pace of action tight and not to slacken in any way. Of course, everyone sometimes has to go the famous extra mile for this.

Of course, there is still a lot more needed for successful change. If you want to make a leap forward in success with your team or company, get in touch with me so that we can look at the details. Click here to schedule a session.


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