No excuses!

All of us are interspersed with thinking barriers and paradigms.This once helped us to survive. Today, it is poison if we want to advance with our team or our company rapidly. 

Nowadays, the winners are those who restrict themselves with fewer thinking barriers than the rest. 

But beware: do not look at others in your team, but first on yourself.

Here are some uncomfortable indicators that you yourself have limited ways of thinking: 

  1. If you never change your habits, even though they may not lead to great success. These include morning rituals, meeting rituals, your communication habits, your dressing habits, your eating habits and much more.
  2. If you are caught by excuses."We can not do this in our market," "revenue doubling is not possible," "we are not born salespeople" are such excuses that uncover your barriers.
  3. If you only take small steps instead of big leaps. Do you think this is "more reasonable"? Attention: This is also a thinking barrier! Who tells you that you always have to be “reasonable"? Your rationale mind? Let's better say your thinking habits.

As Steve Jobs said, "Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are at the end those who do it." 

In this sense: No excuses! You have one life. And this is taking place NOW. And your NOW shapes the future. What kind of barriers do you want to clear out of the way? 

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