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Laws of Nature and Other Rules

leadership mindset Jun 04, 2020

Last weekend was Pentecost. Do you know why these holidays even exist? Chances are you don’t have an exact answer unless you’re a practicing Christian.

The interesting thing is that whether you know or understand the background of a holiday, you can still deal with it. This reminds me of the laws of nature. Whether you know or understand them or not, they will still affect you.

Gravity, for example, doesn’t care what you think about it or whether you agree with it. If you drop a plate, it will inevitably move towards the ground and probably shatter once it hits the floor. Therefore, the best strategy is to use gravity in a favorable way rather than lamenting it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, the same connections apply to “mental laws”—they exist regardless of your belief or ignorance. The winners in life will always be those who make better use of them than others.

Here are a few important examples of how to achieve more in life with more fun and fulfillment:
  1. Congruence. If you know that your successes and failures are nothing more than a reflection of your inner world, then it is worth focusing more on your beliefs than on learning technical skills.
  2. Attraction. You cannot successfully chase success, but you can attract it. To do so, you have to work hard on yourself, which is usually much more strenuous and difficult than chasing “shiny objects” that look like success.
  3. Focus. What you focus on becomes intensified. That is why the most successful people always focus on what they can influence as directly as possible. Most people focus on the unimportant or, even worse, on what they cannot influence anyway.

These are only three examples of how you can have significantly more success with more pleasure—especially in leadership. Contact me here for more information about my leadership coaching.

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