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Just another 4 months!

leadership strategy Sep 14, 2018

The morning air is already a little fresher, you can feel that autumn is coming. It's always unbelievable in how fast time goes: there are less than four months left in this year! 

Which goals and dreams have you achieved so far, privately and in business, in your career? If you could rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10, where do you stand? 

Are you fully on course, having fun and influencing other people positively? Are you helping your customers and colleagues more than ever before? Or did time pass by faster than you hoped and you are a little behind your goals? Or didn't anything not go very well this year? 

Wherever you stand, you still have all the possibility to make 2018 outstanding, for yourself and for others. Here are three ideas: 

  1. Decision. If you are not quite where you want to be (or if you still see potential), then make the decision not to accept this situation. Help your team and your colleagues to do this. Most leaders I meet are far too quick in accepting their given condition. 
  2. Change. No matter whether you are already outstanding or not: Ask yourself every day what you can do differently today than yesterday. There is always potential. The continuous refinement of the established routines is a habit of the most accomplished leaders. Average companies and people always stick to the same habits. 
  3. Fun. I always find the connection fascinating: the most successful teams and people I support, always seem to have more fun than those who are mediocre. Important: Fun is the cause, success an effect, not the other way around! 

Well, it’s time now, let's go! You and your team can do more today, if you allow it!

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