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🔥 Ignite The Fire In People!

Isn’t this remarkable? During my workshops with leadership teams, the greatest results are always achieved when people work passionately on creating results. Personal mood, background, environment, co-workers, and other factors play a surprisingly minor role when it comes to producing results. All that counts is the dedication and passion of the team members. 

This is why in the most impactful speeches and seminars content delivery is only a small part (which you could otherwise read in a book or watch a video on YouTube). Indeed, what matters is how much the speaker ignites a fire within us. 

I even take it a step further: almost all people by nature have a fire burning within them that wants to get out.

Just watch children when they are playing, or take a look at adults at my seminars when they are doing role plays or the like. Even the most introverted person starts contributing and presenting with joy and passion. 

Hence, most managers wrongly attempt to suppress the fire, reward conformity, and praise boredom, simply because it seems to be safe. But it isn’t. The only insurance policy for a thriving business in the future is your passionate team because they will always find solutions, no matter how big the challenge. 

Here are three things I want you to do to nurture the fire in your people and by this secure your future: 

  1. Take responsibility for joy and fun. Yes: you yourself (like everybody else for themselves) are responsible for making moments joyful and lasting. A boring meeting? Do something about it. Contribute. A tight project deadline? Connect to the WHY and make it a passionate commitment to meet the deadlines.
  2. Ask each team member the following question: which number-one thing, once removed, would increase your joy at work dramatically? The answers might be uncomfortable, yet they will be amazingly useful.
  3. Do one thing each day to raise the joy at work for your team. These can be minor ideas, such as flowers in the office, a smile, praising somebody for great work, or even just asking insightful questions to your co-workers on occasion.

By putting these techniques into action, you’ll not only make it more fun to work at your team or company, but also substantially increase productivity. Click here to get in touch.



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