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"I'm a new cabin talent."

culture leadership Nov 29, 2018

The other day when I was on a Swiss Airlines flight, I noticed the name tag "I'm a new cabin talent" on one of the flight attendant's lapel.

This not only attracted the attention of some of the passengers but it also led to pride in the eyes of the young team member.

You may think it's "just words" and it's just a marketing trick to increase motivation. Attention: There is rarely such a strong drive for happiness, fulfillment, and productivity as direct and unvarnished appreciation.

And, it makes a huge difference between "flight attendant" and "I am a new cabin talent." Words are important!

Here are three ideas about what you can do directly to increase self-esteem and thus pride, belonging and productivity in your work environment:

  1. Imagine that everyone is running around with the inscription "make me important" on their forehead. Then you do something to make the person feel important. Precisely because he or she is. 
  2. Titles are important - when they convey a positive message. There is a difference in whether the receptionist is called "receptionist" or "manager of first impressions." 
  3. Continuously increase your appreciation for your customers - personally. When was the last time you thanked each of your customers personally and without any direct business context? Doing this can work wonders.

So well, just start. You don't need any permission to bring delight to others.

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