๐Ÿ‘Œ I Guess You Donโ€™t Want To Be Excellent

Would you agree that excellence is a substantial competitive advantage for any business if the competitors are less excellent and excellence matters for customers? Sure, the answer is yes. 

Why is it, then, that so many businesses are so far away from true excellence I wonder if their leaders truly have excellence as a goal?

Technically, it is not too difficult: Just do everything in an excellent manner. And here is the issue: the word “everything” is the challenge. 

Almost all businesses are excellent at one or two things. Often, it’s the product and perhaps the customer service (even if the latter is questionable for most companies). However, as mentioned: EVERYTHING counts in excellence. 

So, what can you do to develop your organization closer to excellence and by that gain a substantial competitive advantage? The key is systematic training in all areas of your business.

Here are three steps to do it the right way: 

  1. Clarity. Clarify to everybody in your organization that you WANT to become excellent in ALL areas of your business. Also, clarify that excellence is defined from the customer’s perspective, not only from your own.
  2. Perspective. Ask your customers, suppliers, and team members what they would like to see in your organization as excellent. Define non-negotiable excellence standards. These standards should be behaviours and service levels you simply never compromise. Be demanding and courageous. Most leaders, in my opinion, set standards that are far too low. They accept the status quo as good enough and wonder why nothing changes for the better.
  3. Execution. Define one area of excellence per month in which it is an absolute must for all staff members to demonstrate the best behaviours and service levels possible. This monthly focus not only directly improves your excellence levels but also – more importantly – trains your employees in "excellence habits".

These three steps alone will raise the excellence level of your team and organisation. If you are committed and serious about raising the bar consistently for your entire organization or your team, just click here to set up a call to discuss my support options as your Business Fitness Coach.


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