I give up!

leadership productivity Apr 01, 2021

This is the last article I will write for you. I give up. Even after creating and distributing countless blog posts, I see mediocrity and low standards everywhere. I still see people acting as if some other authority led them to their destiny. I see CEOs who are indecisive and hiding. I see ambiguity and fuzziness.

So, I give up!

But wait, today is April 1 - Fools Day!

Therefore, no, I'm not giving up, I'm continuing my journey towards excellence and top performance even further. Why? Because that's my mission. And because it is often rewarding and fun!

Will you support me on this journey? Then define ONE item today that you could move a little towards excellence TODAY.

Yes, today! What of your own behaviors can you change or where can you influence another person to make a step forward and move something from mediocre to outstanding?

Don't overthink it. Pick ONE thing and get started. Here are some ideas that can help you light the fire:
  1. Service. Your life consists of small or large events where you serve others or receive services. You interact with family members, friends, business partners, customers, team members and many more. Decide today on ONE service you can improve or influence to improve. Then do it.
  2. Use of time. I'm sure you have some phases of your day where you don't use your time most effectively. Remember, we all have the same 24 hours. The only difference is how effectively we use them. Today, decide on a part of your day that you can improve. Then do it.
  3. Personal Growth. Most people don't invest enough effort and time in personal growth, even though they know that this investment is the best thing you can do for prosperity and long-term fulfillment. Decide today on ONE area in which you want to grow. Then get started and read the book, watch the video course or attend the seminar.
It is better to move one thing today than a hundred things sometimes or never.

Do you need someone to hold you accountable, even for small steps? Just contact me. ➔ Click here.



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