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How to strengthen your good influence


Do you want to have a strong idea at the beginning of the year of how to immediately increase your good influence, increase the productivity of your team and act as a role model? 

Well, here's the solution: Answer inquiries from customers, colleagues and other people in your area quickly and clearly. If you sometimes (or often) simply procrastinate on answers (or observe this behaviour from people around you), then here is the key to how you can (and must) change this NOW! 

Let’s not fool ourselves: Bad response behaviour has substantial collateral damage, such as double work, lower productivity, frustration, lost customers, decreasing reputation and much more.

Rule of thumb: If you do not respond to normal inquiries within 24 hours (even if only with a confirmation), you have a problem - and your environment with you!

And “busyness" is not an excuse! I know extremely productive and successful people who always respond swiftly, while others do not respond even on less busy days. 

Food for thought: Perhaps cause and effect is the other way around, and quick answers lead to higher productivity. 

Here are three specific tips on how to dramatically improve your own response behaviour - with positive effects on your environment: 

  1. Standards: Set high standards for yourself! This is an important foundation for any success - make clear claims about how you behave and how you work. Most people never set their own standards or are not demanding enough of themselves.
  2. Tactics: Schedule fixed times to answer questions! This is a very tactical tip that most people never apply. For example, plan 20 minutes each morning, noon and evening to answer questions that you have accumulated during the day.
  3. Measure your success! So, for example, at the end of each day you can aim for an empty email inbox. Or do not have any emails that stay longer than 24 hours without dealing with them.

Important: The tips are easy to understand, but difficult for many to implement. A coach or sparring partner who keeps you reminded is priceless. Your environment will thank you. Not a bad effect, right?

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