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How to strengthen team bonding

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how you can make a team out of your people that stand together and work closely with each other.

Unfortunately, the reality is often different: people work against each other, or at least there is a certain indifference to each other's goals.  

We are often so busy with our own stuff that there is no time and attention for the needs and problems of others.

Conversely, imagine what you could accomplish with your team if everyone marched with full energy in a common direction and everyone could fully rely on the others.

The gap between this ideal state and your reality shows your potential as a leader. And even if the gap doesn't seem too big to you, you usually have various opportunities to achieve more.

Here are the biggest levers, from my experience, to sustainably build team cohesion:
  1. Strengthen necessity. I experience time and again that people see little need to strengthen cohesion. In principle, many just want to do a good job and then go home. And many leaders accept that as a fact. The only problem is that you can only achieve mediocre success with this. For a real winning team, you have to make it a must to support each other. Team sport is a good example of this.
  2. Build trust. This is a classic: if you don't trust each other, you won't work together at full strength. Trust is largely based on getting to know each other better. To do this, I recommend specific sessions and other activities where people learn more about each other.
  3. Generating success experiences. In my opinion, this is extremely important: winning teams constantly create a strong sense of shared achievement. Hardly anything else brings people together more than when they have achieved something great together after a great deal of effort. In many teams that I see, however, people hardly dare to confidently name successes, let alone celebrate them together - and without "permission from above".
If you apply these three ideas consistently, not only will team cohesion increase, but you will also generate greater success with your team.

➡️ If you are ready to shape your team into a strong winning team - or expand the winning spirit - contact me with the keyword "team" or set up a 15min conversation ➔ here to get to know each other briefly.



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