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How to overcome resistance

leadership Jun 10, 2021

You can twist and turn it however you like: Any real change will cause resistance.

Or vice versa: If the change you are aiming for does not cause any resistance, it is probably not a real change (but a minor adjustment at best).

Every strategy implementation requires change in the form of significant alterations of processes as well as work on the corporate or team culture.

If too many people don't buy into the transformation you're trying to achieve, it's like they're standing on the brakes while you and others are stepping on the gas at the same time. The result is smoke, fire and collapse of acceleration.

In other words: the topic is extremely relevant, and that's why I'm always asked by leaders, "How can I overcome the resistance of my people?"

There are many facets to this. Here are what I see as the three most important levers to overcome resistance and drive change faster:
  1. Your people's story. Few people resist by default. For most, it's a reaction out of fear, insecurity, or bad experiences. The better you know the stories that "resisters" associate with change, the better you can address them and reduce resistance. Many are immediately all in as soon as they feel someone is truly listening to them.
  2. Clear purpose and direction. It's a familiar theme: if you and your people don't know why they should change something and where the changes are going, you will resist or delay activities. This often happens unconsciously. Therefore: clarify the “why" and the target direction. Important: these fundamentals must be relevant to those who are supposed to drive the change. EBIT and sales are often "too far away".
  3. Concrete successes. If the change takes too long and does not show quick successes, we often run out of steam. You know this yourself from efforts to improve fitness or change eating habits. Therefore, always ensure quick successes, even if they are small.
These and various other points are important if you want to advance any change effectively and quickly. This is one of the components when I work with teams to get to the next success level.

Just reply with the keyword "resistance" and I'll get back to you.



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