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How to make your customers (and other people) fall in love with you

marketing & sales Oct 11, 2018

One of the critical success systems (in contrast to anecdotal success) is the principle that people - including your customers - are always keen to get involved with you.

In other words: If you get other people to come to you because they love you, you'll have less to worry about both missing customers and job applicants.

The big question is how do we attract others and keep them coming back (and buying)?

Besides many ideas, there are three crucial human drives you can take advantage of. If you "feed" these drives, everyone will be happy to deal with you.

  1. Certainty. This is an absolute basic need. If you provide your customers with exact certainty, many will prefer to buy from you. Attention: Each need for a decision creates uncertainty for the customer. The same with unclear communication. Make every interaction simple and clear. The customer will feel safe as a result.
  2. Belonging. We all want to belong to a group. If you create a community among your customers they like to interact with, your repeat business will go through the roof. Apple sets a good example.
  3. Significance. There's hardly anything people crave more than being perceived as important. If you believably increase the importance of people in the world, they will always be with you (and want to buy from you). Porsche can tell you a thing or two about it.

So, if you want to sell more, give your customers more certainty, more belonging and make them more important starting tomorrow.

The same for more commitment in your team. Actually simple, isn't it? I'd be happy to help you with the HOW.

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