How to immediately sell more

Do you believe that you or your company could sell more? 

Let’s suppose, as a manager, you would have top sellers, equipped with optimal sales methods and a winning sales mindset, as well as excellent leadership: how much more could you sell? 10%, 20%, 50%? More? 

For most companies, sales and profit could be dramatically increased by some simple sales optimization measures.

The problem: Most leaders look at the wrong symptoms and pull the wrong triggers. 

My latest article in the Swiss SME magazine ORGANISATOR (in German) explains the three main barriers to greater sales success with practical tips on what you can do right away in the coming months to see substantial improvements to your “top and bottom line “ – sustainably. 

You can either request the article as pdf in German by clicking here or get the key points explained right below: 

Sales success barrier #1: No winning mindset.

A lack of winning mindset is a key issue in most organizations. Many teams underperform because they do not play to win, but rather not to lose. The good news: A winning mindset can be trained in almost everyone. Very few leaders decide to do so – and leave huge success potentials unleashed.

Sales success barrier #2: No winning systems.

Are your systems set up to win? In other words: Do you have processes and systems in place that support your people in being most effective and efficient? Systems need not be complicated (neither should they), but lean and effective.

Sales success barrier #3: No winning leadership.

This is crucial. Too many leaders are rather administrating managers than true leaders who see it as their duty to lead their team to win.

Do you want to remove your sales success barriers quickly and effectively? Click here to contact me for an exploratory call.


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