⏱ How to get 50% more done in the same amount of time

productivity Aug 05, 2021

Yes, I know the headline sounds a bit sensational, but it's still true: if you consistently apply the tips I'll give you below, you'll be able to do twice as much in the same amount of time.

It's just that, as with many strategies, they're relatively easy to understand, but by no means easy to apply consistently. What's getting in the way? Our deeply ingrained beliefs and our habits.

And yet, on certain topics, you are already 10x or even 100x more productive than someone who lacks knowledge. A top programmer, for example, programs up to 100x as fast as a beginner.

So, what strategies do you use when you are exceptionally productive? Once you know the answer, you can apply it to everything else.

Here are the top three strategies for getting 50% more done in the same amount of time:
  1. Clarity on value-added activities. It's one of my typical topics in leadership coaching: With which of your activities do you create the most value for yourself, others and the organization? As a rule, these are non-operational activities! If you want to know the topics that you should spend 60-80 percent of your time on as a leader, just get in touch with me. Most are more like 20-30 percent. That's the first thing you need to change!
  2. Reduce or eliminate everything else. The second step is to stop or at least drastically reduce everything else. This is usually the hardest part. And that's exactly why you don't make the big productivity leaps. What gets in the way is usually the fact that we enjoy the activities that don't add much value or make us feel like we're "getting something done." To change that, you almost always need a coach.
  3. Get clear on time use every day. To persevere through the process to significantly higher productivity, you need daily clarity about what you spend your time on. To do this, I recommend above all that you clearly align your daily goals and time blocks with the value-creating activities (see point 1).
So, here you have what are, in principle, simple strategies for doubling your productivity. As mentioned, implementation is anything but easy.

👉 If you want to dramatically increase your productivity as a leader, contact me with the keyword "50%". Then, we'll take a look at whether and how I can support you.




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