How to create momentum for 2020 – right now!

leadership sales Dec 12, 2019

Slowly, the year is coming to an end – again. Every year, the same old story!

Let's talk about business (Christmas cookies have to wait): What can you still do this year for 2020, even if you only have a few days left? Quite a lot!

Because now is not only the ideal time to contact customers, business partners and colleagues that you have neglected for too long, but above all to get the coming year going.

Yes, exactly: It is now that your performance in the first quarter of 2020 that will be decided.

Here are three very concrete ideas about what you should absolutely do in the next two weeks to start 2020 in pole position:
  1. Great ambition. Define your ambition for 2020 right now: What great result do you want to achieve in the coming year that you have not achieved so far; that has absolutely nothing to do with your current position. When it comes to sales, you can set a goal of doubling your numbers. In leadership, your ambition can be to develop your team in such a way that you hardly have any operational issues on your shoulders. In any other position, you simply increase key metrics by 50%. By the way, an ambition can also be to live happier, to do more for your partner, etc.
  2. Strong plan. Define the actions you will take in the first quarter. This should include training and significant changes in habits. It is best to set the focus for each month. What will you focus on to make your ambition a reality? 
  3. Massive action. Go through the turn of the year with full momentum - in sales, for example, you now pave your calendar with customer meetings in the first quarter; in leadership you arrange events and other things with your team to develop them massively, in other roles you now fix the important, but not urgent actions in the calendar, which otherwise threaten to go down the drain again.

So, here you have the tools to leave your competitors behind in quarter one. However, you have to apply it by yourself! Of course, I can help you make 2020 your best year. Just click here to schedule a strategy session.


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