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How productive is your leadership?

leadership productivity Nov 14, 2019

My latest (German-language) magazine article deals with the (often) insufficient productivity in management and the considerable damage it causes.

I took up the topic for a good reason: The waste of resources is enormous, in 3 dimensions:

  1. Direct costs without corresponding results. For managers, these costs are usually considerable, but still low compared to the following two points.
  2. Opportunity costs. These are significantly higher, because leaders in particular should have an enormous leverage for results when they spend their time on the most value-creating activities. Every minute in an unproductive meeting becomes a significant waste.
  3. Role model function. If you are not highly productive as a leader, how can you expect it from your team? Don't delude yourself: People are very good at feeling whether or not the management team is productive. And they will behave accordingly.

How can you significantly increase productivity in leadership - with fun and sustainability? 

Here are the proven steps to systematically increase productivity in management:
  1. Make productivity an official topic in the management team, with the question: "How can we generate significantly better results for the company, our customers and the team with given time and resources?”
  2. Each leader must be able to clearly identify the top 3 priorities that generate the most value for the company and the achievement of objectives.
  3. Discuss this evaluation in the leadership team and decide on the common top 3 issues. From now on, about eighty percent of the time is to be spent on these focus topics. Stop everything else (which is often very difficult, because these are exactly the dear habits addressed). Note: The development of their own team must be one of the top priorities for every leader.
  4. Eliminate non-value-adding rules and processes. Timekeeping rules and cumbersome approval processes are common suspects here.
  5. Measure progress in implementation. Increasing productivity is not a one-time action, but a continuous process.

Like all important change processes, increasing productivity in leadership requires perseverance and eliminating resistance. It pays off in any case, and usually massively.

Contact me if you are serious about tackling this issue: ➔ Click here.

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