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How often? Several times a day!

leadership mindset Feb 09, 2018

Yes, you need your daily dose!

What am I talking about? That you want to become better, no matter with what. 

If you want to become healthier, slimmer, fitter or whatever, you must do something about it every day. It is simply not enough to eat healthy food once a week and otherwise stuff junk food into oneself. Or just brushing your teeth once a month and relying on the forces of nature. 

Here is the exciting thing: When it comes to mental fitness and a strong mindset (i. e. what we need in every team to achieve outstanding success), most people think it's done with an annual workshop. 

For a strong mindset and mental fitness, you must do something every day. As a team leader or CEO, it is your job to work continuously with your team on these topics. 

Here are three powerful areas (from a variety of others) that you have to train every day: 

  1. Objectives. Set goals every day (in writing!) and work consistently to achieve them. Attention: Goals are NOT tasks (many people confuse this).
  2. Commitments. Work to keep EVERY commitment, especially those you give to yourself. Most people are extremely careless with promises made. Everybody can train this.
  3. Energy. Train daily to generate full energy, even after setbacks. Low energy is due to wrong food, too little exercise and above all the mental attitude. You are responsible for all this, and you can change it.

So let's go, create your training plan for your mental fitness and train every day. The best thing to do is to get a coach

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